Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Limited Edition Plutonium™ Paintings

In less than 1 week we'll be releasing the much anticipated series of 12, limited edition, eco-friendly Motown | Detroit themed vinyl record paintings! 

This limited edition series is a collaboration between Sprayed Expressions and Detroit based spray paint company, Plutonium™ Paint. We are EXTREMELY proud of this series because all 12 vinyl record paintings are designed and produced with the environment in mind! The paintings come from a combination of recycled vinyl records and Plutonium™ Paint (because of it's high pigment concentration and reduced % in propellant, it's carbon footprint is 50% less than other spray paint brands). 

Below is a *SNEAK PEEK* of one of the limited edition designs you will see available on July 16.


Available for purchase online only: www.sprayedexpressions.etsy.com

For more information on Plutonium™ Paint visit their website: www.plutoniumpaint.com